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Learning Modules

Module #1 - Facebook Marketing
  • Introduction to Facebook for Business.
  • How to set up a Facebook Business Page? & why do you need it?
  • Facebook Business Manager Detailed Guide.
  • How to manage multiple properties on Facebook?
  • How to use Facebook Ads Manager?
  • How does Facebook Ad Campaign Structure work?
  • How do Campaign Objectives work in Facebook Ads?
  • Different kinds of Ad Placements.
  • Audience targeting using location, demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  • How to create Custom and Lookalike Audiences?
  • How to install Facebook Pixel?
  • What are Custom Conversions and Standard Events?
  • Budgeting options in Facebook Ads.
  • Tips to Write a Winning Ad.
  • How to create successful Ad creative?
  • How to create Ads Reporting?
  • What are Key Ad Policies (Facebook & Instagram)?
Module #2 - Google Ads
  • Introduction to Google Ads.
  • Google Ads dashboard detailed guide.
  • What are Goals and Campaign objectives in Google Ads?
  • Type of ads in Google Ads.
  • What are the Keyword Match Types in Google Ads? (Broad Match, Phrase match, Exact match).
  • What are Negative Keywords?
  • How to do Audience Targeting (Detailed Demographics, Affinity, In-market, Remarketing, and Similar audiences)?
  • How to select the right bidding strategy?
  • How to run Search Campaigns in Google Ads?
  • How to run Display Campaigns in Google Ads?
  • How to run Video Campaigns in Google Ads?
  • How to run Universal App Campaigns in Google Ads?
  • How to create different types of conversions in Google Ads?
  • How do campaign settings work?
  • What are Tools & Reporting in Google Ads?
Module #3 - Search Engine Optimization
  • Introduction of SEO
  • Type of keywords in SEO
  • How to do keyword research?
  • What is Meta Description?
  • What are Heading Tags and Alt Tags?
  • What are backlinks & internal links, and how do they work?
  • What is Do-Follow & No-follow?
  • How to improve website speed & optimize your website as per SEO guidelines?
  • How to set up Google Search Console?
  • How to submit a sitemap?
  • Type of Content in Blog.
Module #4 - YouTube Marketing
  • Introduction to YouTube.
  • How to create a YouTube Channel?
  • How to upload videos as per YouTube standards?
  • How to do YouTube SEO?
  • How to increase your click-through rate?
  • How to stand out and get visible as a YouTuber?
  • How to promote your video on YouTube?
  • Multiple ways to monetize your YouTube channel.
Module #5 - Instagram Marketing
  • Introduction to Instagram marketing.
  • How to set up an Instagram Business Profile?
  • How to optimize your Instagram Profile?
  • How to grow your Instagram organically?
  • How to make a content strategy for Instagram?
  • How to monetize your Instagram?
  • How to run ads on Instagram?
Module #6 - Email Marketing
  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • How to create your audience list?
  • How to grow your email subscribers?
  • How to group & segment your audience?
  • How to create an email funnel?
  • How to write attractive subject lines?
  • How to write emails that convert?
  • How to check email reporting?
Module #7 - Copywriting
  • Introduction to Copywriting.
  • How to write the best sales copy?
  • What is AIDA Technique?
  • What is Before & After Technique?
  • What is Problem Solving Technique?
  • How to represent case studies in copywriting?

Earning Modules (Lifetime Mentorship)

  • How to build a profile that stands out?
  • How to get your first client?
  • How to find the best freelance jobs
  • How to negotiate and close the deal?
  • How to manage and retain long-term clients?
  • How to grow your income as a freelancer?
  • How to grow your freelance business?
  • How to start building your personal brand?
  • What are the key success factors?
  • And much more. (This module is part of lifetime mentorship, we will keep adding more lessons based on your problems and keep supporting you until you start earning).
Digital Marketing Agency
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing Agency.
  • How to decide your agency name?
  • How to register your Digital Marketing Agency? (Sole Proprietorship or Pvt. Ltd).
  • How to create your agency presence?
  • How to create your agency website?
  • How to make your agency documentation? (Proposal, Action Plan, Service Agreement, Invoice).
  • How to create content for your agency?
  • How to start developing a portfolio for your agency?
  • How to deliver excellent service to clients and retain them?
  • How to specialize your agency?
  • How to scale your agency?
  • And much more. (This module is part of lifetime mentorship, we will keep adding more lessons based on your problems and keep supporting you until you start earning).
  • What is eCommerce?
  • How to find the right product?
  • How to start your eCommerce store?
  • How to develop your website on Shopify and WordPress?
  • How to write good product descriptions and take good product images?
  • How to apply Digital Marketing (Learning Modules) to your eCommerce store?
  • How to run profitable ads on Facebook and Google?
  • What is content marketing & how to implement it in your store?
  • How to scale your eCommerce store?
  • And much more. (This module is part of lifetime mentorship, we will keep adding more lessons based on your problems and keep supporting you until you start earning).
Communication Skills
  • Importance of communication skills.
  • How to improve your communication skills?
  • How to communicate with clients and customers?
  • How to improve your listening?
  • How to improve your speaking?
  • What is nonverbal communication, and how to deliver your message?
  • How to control stress and emotion in your communication?
  • And much more. (This module is part of lifetime mentorship, we will keep adding more lessons based on your problems and keep supporting you until you start earning).
And much more

Earning Modules (Lifetime Mentorship) are ongoing modules that you will learn every week with a live session by Sir Aamir after you complete your learning modules. We will be adding more lessons and modules on the go.

This also includes a community support group with a dedicated team to answer your every question.

The goal of Lifetime Mentorship is to empower you till you start making money.


Is this a course? And what is the duration?

We don’t sell courses; we give you an ecosystem to become an expert.
It will take you 6 – 7 weeks to complete the Learning Modules, and our Earning Modules (Lifetime mentorship) are ongoing until your start earning.

Will It Help Me Learn Everything From Basic Level?

Yes, we will cover everything from basic to advance level. Moreover, we will keep supporting you with our ecosystem.

How Many Classes Will I Take?

There will be 3 classes every week, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm for learning modules for 6 – 7 weeks.

Also, we do ongoing weekly sessions for earning modules until you start earning.

Where will I take classes?

All classes will be conducted live via Zoom. 


Students will have lifetime access to all recorded live sessions (Learning Modules and Earning Modules).

However, we encourage you to take live classes for more interaction with the teacher.

What if I have questions?

We have a dedicated team and teachers to answer your questions in our community group.

You can also ask questions in your live session.

Do you have any success stories?

Yes, we have multiple success stories. Please visit our community group and check topic #successstories.

Or you can watch our students’ reviews here.

Where are we located? Any Physical Classes We Offer?

We belong to the city of lights Karachi, but we have been teaching online all around Pakistan. (Few International Students as well).

Here is a glimpse of the cities we got students from:

We teach and preach online and currently don’t offer physical (offline) classes.

What is lifetime mentorship?

Lifetime Mentorship (Earning Modules) is the support given by Sir Aamir, where he teaches methods (live sessions) that will grow you exponentially.

It also includes QnA and community support in our Facebook Group.

What is your fee?

You can become a part of this ecosystem at Rs. 4,999 (66% discounted).
This is a ONE TIME fee for EVERYTHING (Learning Modules + Lifetime Mentorship + Earning Modules + Community Support).

We charge less because we want to empower the youth of Pakistan; this doesn’t mean a compromise on quality at all.

Meet your teacher

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Hi, this is Aamir Ahmer, a results-driven entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Specialist, Content Creator, Trainer. I have been in the advertisement industry for the past six years. Over the years, I have contributed my marketing expertise to help my clients generate an exceptional return on their investments.

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